We have years of experience in the planning and execution of large and small events.

One of our key strengths are activities in or around the water in Copenhagen.


Many companies have expressed that the experience was a little out of the ordinary, and with high achievement.


Our mission is to create an activity in collaboration with you. That we develop ideas to make your next event a great success. Therefore, with our experience and extensive network, we look forward to working together.


If you need more than just an activity, we are also helpful in arranging transportation, accommodation, meetings, dinners, etc.


Copenhagen offers many

activities in and around the water. We can help you to find the right experience for you and your group.




I should say you “Mange tak”. We spent a great time on your boats and the organization was really perfect thanks to you. So thank you so much. It is really pleasant to deal with competent people. We all loved Copenhaguen and we will all keep a very nice memory of it. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to other people in France if they have to organize something in Copenhaguen!


Béatrice - Mobilitis, France


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